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In need of medicine…or just some moisture?

Happy New Year, everyone! ‘Tis the season for celebration and new year’s resolutions…and also for extremely dry air! If you’ve heard mixed messages about humidifying the air, you’re not alone. Here’s the truth about air dryness and your allergy and sinus health.

When the air is too humid, dust mites and mold spores can grow at much more rapid rates. This is why it is important to DEHUMIDIFY the air at certain times of the year, or in certain rooms (humid summer weeks, moist basements). When there are more mites and mold, your allergy and sinus symptoms will be worse.

When the air is too dry, your nasal and sinus passages can become tight and raw, causing a lot of discomfort, and at times colored or bloody discharge. In Minnesota, during the winter time, it is very common for our air to become too dry. Humidifiers (kept very clean to minimize mildew growth) can help your nasal and sinus passages feel much better.

Too dry or too moist: how to tell? Here’s a great way.

Pick up a humidity gauge at your local pharmacy. They are common and inexpensive in most cases. If the humidity in your home is less than 30%, your air is too dry and could be the cause of your symptoms. This is a great time to use a humidifier. If your air has more than 50% humidity, it is too moist and you should consider a dehumidifier.

I wish you all a happy new year and moist nasal passages!
Nikki Zack, PA-C

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